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Overview of Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants provide support for artificial teeth, such as dentures, bridges, and crowns, allowing the wearer to eat and speak more comfortably and confidently. If you have an existing dental implant and your restoration has become damaged, broken, or cracked, this may affect your overall oral health. At All About Smiles, Dr. Brett Cotham can fix or replace a restoration on top of your dental implants. If you are experiencing problems with your dental implants, it's critical to get the issue examined right away before it becomes worse. Call our friendly and knowledgeable team to schedule an appointment with All About Smiles in Rogers, AR today.

Best Candidates for Dental Implant Restoration

Restorations are an excellent way to replace or restore missing teeth for an overall more visually pleasing, healthy smile. However, if a restoration becomes broken, damaged, or loose due to injury, decay, or periodontal (gum) disease, you should make an appointment as soon as possible at All About Smiles. The best candidates for this procedure are patients who have existing dental implants with restorations, such as bridges, crowns, and dentures. You can also contact a member of our friendly team if you have questions or concerns about your dental implant or restoration.

What to Expect from Dental Implant Restoration

When you arrive at our Rogers, AR practice, you will be seen by Dr. Cotham, who will conduct an examination of your dental implant, restoration, and overall oral health. If the underlying damage is due to decay or periodontal (gum) disease, the general dentists at All About Smiles will create a custom plan to heal the area before it spreads or gets worse. Broken, cracked, or loose restorations due to injury will also be thoroughly examined before we determine your options for care. Our team will educate you about the damage, what treatments are needed, and schedule follow-up appointments as necessary.

Follow-Up from Dental Implant Restoration

Depending on the treatment provided at our office, you may notice swelling, bruising, or minor bleeding following any procedure related to dental implants and restorations. Dr. Cotham will inform you about any other temporary discomfort you may feel in the days following the procedure. We will also educate you about caring for your dental implants and restorations at home, such as following a strict oral care routine that includes brushing and flossing. At All About Smiles, we will continue to monitor your progress during regularly scheduled follow-up appointments. 

Insurance Coverage for Dental Implant Restoration

Based on your dental insurance coverage and the treatment provided, a portion of the expenses of your custom restoration might be taken care of. The team at All About Smiles will discuss the matter with your insurance company and understand your out-of-pocket costs. During your appointment, we will be able to give you more information about different forms of payment accepted, including low-interest medical financing. 

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A Restored Smile

A dental implant restoration is an excellent option for your teeth that's not only durable but easy to clean and take care of for years after the procedure. Dr. Cotham will happily assist you in understanding the process to see if this is the right option for you. To learn more information about dental implants, talk to a member of our team to schedule an appointment. 

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