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Veneers Overview

Dental veneers are custom made to fit over your natural teeth to improve the color and appearance of your smile while protecting it from damage. At All About Smiles in Rogers, AR, Dr. Brett Cotham offers a number of options to correct a cracked or chipped tooth. While porcelain veneers are created in a dental lab and may require more than one visit to our office, composite veneers are made chairside, which means you can get them in just one sitting. We then use tooth-colored composite resin to form your veneers. You can schedule an appointment at our office to learn more about composite veneers and decide if they are right for your needs.

Best Candidates for Veneers

Composite veneers are used to restore the beauty of your smile by covering broken, chipped, or stained teeth, or teeth that are worn down or abnormally shaped. Dr. Cotham creates veneers that are custom made chairside during your visit to our office so they fit perfectly over your natural teeth. During your consultation, we will see if you are a candidate for composite veneers by evaluating and understanding your overall dental health. If you show signs of gum (periodontal) disease, or if you grind your teeth, a condition called bruxism, you may not qualify for this dental procedure. 

What to Expect from Veneers

Once Dr. Cotham determines you are a candidate for composite veneers, we will create a unique treatment plan for you. When you are ready for the procedure, we remove a small amount of the tooth's structure to achieve the desired shape, then a bonding agent is applied. Once the veneers are bonded, Dr. Cotham may make a few adjustments so they fit more comfortably in your mouth. Composite veneers are made of a composite resin to hide imperfections, such as chipped teeth, and improve your smile greatly. Best of all, installation only takes one visit. 

Veneer Follow-Up

The procedure to get composite veneers does not typically require anesthesia, and you should be able to resume your day as normal after it has been completed. You may experience sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks for several days, but this should stop after a few days. When taking care of your composite veneers, you can clean them just like your natural teeth by brushing and flossing them daily. You should also avoid chewing on hard objects, such as ice, as well as foods and drinks that stain enamel. Continue to visit All About Smiles in Rogers, AR for regular dental exams so we can monitor your overall dental health. 

Veneer Insurance Coverage

Because they're considered a cosmetic procedure, veneers are not typically covered by dental insurance. At All About Smiles in Rogers, AR, we accept many forms of payment, such as medical financing, which makes your procedure easier to afford. During your initial consultation at our dental home, our talented team will be able to go over your different payment options to meet your needs and budget. 

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A Renewed Smile

With dental veneers, you will be able to enjoy the confidence of a more aesthetically pleasing smile by All About Smiles in Rogers, AR. With many treatment options to meet your goals, Dr. Cotham will help you improve the appearance of your smile. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about the procedure and decide if dental veneers are the best choice for you. 

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