What Are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

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It’s no secret that when you meet someone for the first time, one of the first things you notice is their smile. This is why so many patients in Rogers, AR seek ways on how to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. At All About Smiles, we feel that every smile should be beautiful. We provide professional cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening that will make you feel more confident. Dr. Brett Cotham provides both in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening services. His goal is to give his patients the smile that they have always dreamt of.

Advantages of professional teeth whitening

A smile that is stained or yellowed can leave you feeling less than happy about its appearance. In an effort to attain a whiter smile, All About Smiles offers its patients teeth whitening.

There are many benefits associated with professional teeth whitening in Rogers, AR:

  1. Safer than over-the-counter products: OTC products may use dangerous substances that could be harmful when used without the advice of a professional. Professional teeth whitening is also more effective, as the prescription strength whitening gel used is much stronger and whitens faster than OTC products.

  2. It works fast: Whether you choose in-office or take-home teeth whitening, both provide results within one visit or a few days or up to one week for take-home whitening.

  3. Works for different types of discoloration: Our teeth whitening service can help remedy stains and yellowing from many factors including coffee or tea, smoking, aging, or certain medication.

  4. It’s personalized to your needs and goals for your smile: Unlike over-the-counter products, a professional tooth whitening service can be personalized for you specifically. At All About Smiles, we will recommend the approach that will work best for you and select the formula that matches your goals.

  5. Can be used on its own or in a treatment plan: Depending on your goal, teeth whitening can be just one cosmetic dentistry procedure or a series of them for a total smile makeover in Rogers, AR.

Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions From a Cosmetic Dentist in Rogers, AR

To help serve our patients in Rogers, AR, we provide a take-home tooth whitening service and an in-office service. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cotham, is pleased to work with each patient to develop a personalized plan that will help them to attain their desired smile. Our professionals are pleased to offer these teeth whitening services:

Zoom! In-office teeth whitening

With Zoom! teeth whitening, we first will cover your gums and other soft tissues before we apply a powerful hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. We use a special LED dental light to activate the product. The process is repeated a few times in 15-minute sessions for instant results of up to eight shades whiter. The entire visit takes about an hour.

Take-home teeth whitening

If whitening on your own time is more your thing, then our customized take-home whitening system is for you. This process will use customized whitening trays that Dr. Cotham creates for you with a whitening gel to lighten your teeth over a period of a week. At All About Smiles, we take impressions of your teeth and create molds of your teeth in order to create your own mouth trays. After we discuss your goals for the cosmetic dentistry procedure, we will choose the strength of your gel.

Deciding if teeth whitening is for you

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they love. Oftentimes cosmetic issues such as stains or discoloration get in the way of this. If you can relate, professional teeth whitening in Rogers, AR may be the answer. Our professional teeth whitening systems offers great benefits as compared to over-the-counter options. Get the results you’re looking for with the help of Dr. Cotham and his professional team.

Learn more about teeth whitening options in Rogers, AR

Teeth whitening is a simple and fast cosmetic dentistry solution for those looking to improve and whiten their smile. Dr. Brett Cotham at All About Smiles in Rogers, AR provides both in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening services. To schedule a consultation to discuss how you can repair and restore your smile, call our dental office today.

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