Have Chipped or Stained Teeth? See If Veneers Can Help!

Having chipped enamel, stained teeth, or other variations of cosmetic dental issues can certainly influence how people feel about their smiles. In fact, it is smile concerns just like these that have Northwest Arkansas patients turning to the dynamic solution of dental veneers. As highly cosmetic restorations, veneers are individually crafted to mask a wide range of dental imperfections, including common problems like chipped or stained teeth. For this reason, talented cosmetic dentist Dr. Brett Cotham of All About Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry works closely with Rogers, AR, patients to customize dental veneers and help them overcome these types of smile flaws.

Dental veneers may be used alone or to enhance the smile as part of a more comprehensive dental makeover. Addressing chipped biting edges, stained teeth, and other types of aesthetic issues with this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure can bring a renewed appearance and elevated sense of confidence to your smile. If you have these or similar concerns, we invite you to learn about the option of dental veneers and discover why Rogers, AR, patients are putting their smiles in the trusted, capable hands of Dr. Cotham.

Dental veneers can enhance the look of the smile
Dental veneers are custom, shell-like restorations that are made to fit over the front portions of teeth. Typically used for teeth showing in the smile zone, veneers transform the color, size, shape, and other aspects of teeth into a more attractive, balanced appearance. As a highly trained cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cotham is pleased to bring the benefits of dental veneers to men and women seeking to enhance the appearance of their smiles. He and our All About Smiles team are excited to offer both porcelain and composite veneers to match the cosmetic goals of our patients.

Porcelain veneers
Made of the finest quality material, porcelain veneers are thin restorations fabricated in one of our partner dental labs. To begin the porcelain veneers process, Dr. Cotham prepares the teeth by removing a small layer of tooth enamel, which allows each veneer to fit comfortably within the smile line. Temporary veneers are worn to maintain appearance and function while the permanent porcelain veneers undergo the fabrication process, which takes 1 – 2 weeks to complete. Once the permanent veneers are ready, the temporaries are removed and the porcelain veneers are attached to the teeth with a strong bonding agent.

Composite veneers
Composite veneers are made of tooth-colored composite resin and require very little preparation of the tooth structure to place. In fact, composite veneers are made chairside and often completed within one dental visit. Dr. Cotham creates these veneers by first applying a conditioning solution to the designated teeth and then adding a thin layer of composite material in a shade selected to match the patient’s desired cosmetic outcomes. The material is hardened in place with a curing light, then shaped and polished to blend naturally within the smile.

Veneers can address chipped or stained teeth and beyond
Dental veneers are often a great option for a dental makeover, especially when one or more aesthetic concerns are affecting the smile. Beyond chipped and stained teeth, dental veneers have the ability to mask several variations of cosmetic dental imperfections:

  • Biting edges that are chipped or uneven
  • Yellowed, discolored, or stained teeth
  • Teeth that are too short or narrow
  • Slight spaces between front teeth
  • Unusually small or oddly shaped teeth

Are you a candidate for dental veneers?
Many men and women seeking aesthetic improvements to their smiles are pleased to learn that they are ideal candidates for dental veneers. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Cotham is committed to advancing the health and appearance of our patients through excellence in cosmetic dentistry care. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for dental veneers is by meeting with our experienced cosmetic dentist at All About Smiles. He can help you determine if dental veneers are a good solution for achieving the look you want for your smile.

While dental veneers are great for a large number of Northwest, AR patients, these restorations may not be well-suited in some situations. Teeth that are extensively damaged may benefit more from dental crowns (full coverage restorations) or other types of care. Though the gum tissues tend to respond well to the presence of porcelain or composite in the mouth, any areas of gum disease should be resolved before having dental veneers placed. Patients who engage in bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching) may not be ideal candidates for veneers, depending on the extent of the condition. Whatever your own cosmetic goals and oral health condition may be, a smile design consultation with Dr. Cotham can help you determine the best-suited cosmetic dentistry option for achieving the smile you desire.

Revitalize your smile with a dental makeover
Having chipped, stained teeth or other cosmetic issues can affect or diminish the look of the smile. But with dental veneers, revitalizing the smile with a dental makeover may be the ideal treatment for you. Dr. Cotham uses his expertise in the art of cosmetic dentistry to custom-craft individual veneers and enhance the appearance of the smile in the most favorable way. To learn whether dental veneers are what you need to overcome your smile flaws, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brett Cotham at All About Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Rogers, AR, today. We look forward to helping you gain a smile that delivers a renewed sense of confidence!

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