Rogers, AR


Where can I get my teeth whitened? 

Right here in this dental office located in Rogers, AR!  Whiten your teeth with an expert, cosmetic dentist Dr. Cotham and his staff at ALL ABOUT SMILES in Rogers, AR

What does teeth whitening cost? 

Less than you think.   Click here now to call and find out:  479-621-9700

Teeth Whitening

Our diet and habits can lead to discoloration of the teeth.  We offer teeth whitening options here at ALL ABOUT SMILES in Rogers, AR that can help reverse some of the stain that leads to yellowing or darkening of the teeth.  

We use Sapphire and Zoom in office whitening therapy.  These treatment options can take years of staining off your teeth.  The system utilizes a special type of light activated bleach and a special light. The process includes impressions and custom take home whitening trays with whitening gel.  

Most patients can expect to see a 4-5 shade improvement of their teeth in about an hour with this system.


Request an appointment to have your teeth whitened at ALL ABOUT SMILES in Rogers, AR.