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What is Smile Design? 

It is a technology that allows you to see the "after" of a dental procedure such as porcelain veneer installation, without actually having the porcelain veneers or other dental procedure completed.

Smile Design

Do you want a more attractive smile? Need to correct some old dentistry? Have an uncomfortable bite?

We start the process with smile design.  Smile design is the way we create your new smile!   First, we gather all the important information about your teeth to reveal what treatment is necessary to reach your goals. This information gathering phase includes taking impressions, photos of the teeth and face, bite registration, tooth measurements and a conversation about what you would like to achieve.

Using these records, we design your teeth on a model.  This model can then be transferred to your mouth to create a realistic preview of what we can accomplish with treatment!   It will give you the opportunity to make changes and critique any proposed tooth shape etc.  

Dr. Cotham always says, “It’s best to know exactly what the patient wants before we start any treatment.”  Sometimes, you may not know exactly how you want your teeth to look until we show you an example in your own mouth.  Smile design is a valuable communication tool for both the patient and Dr. Cotham. We use the smile design process for all cosmetic veneer cases and full mouth reconstruction.


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Accepting New Patients
Accepting New Patients