Rogers, AR

What is dental cleaning?

The process of having your teeth cleaned at your dentist's office, usually by a dental hygienist on his staff.  The dentist inspects your oral health afterwards.  

Can I get my teeth cleaned at ALL ABOUT SMILES? 

Yes, of course.  Request an appointment to have your teeth cleaned by clicking here.

Dental Cleanings

It’s a wonderful time for a checkup.  Its alsays good to maintain clean teeth, this is to maintain oral health. 

What is a dental cleaning or prophylaxis? Dental prophylaxis is the cleaning of the teeth and gums to stop the progress of gum disease.  It is also really good at removing stain and buildup too!  Even if you brush your teeth twice a day we can over time buildup material (tarter) and stain on the teeth that needs to be removed. This buildup can cause your gums to become irritated, turn red, and even bleed.  We recommend that most people see us twice a year for a good teeth cleaning.   

When you come in for your cleaning appointment we will use special equipment to gently remove any buildup and stain on the teeth.  Afterword, Dr. Cotham will perform and examination of your teeth to make sure they are in excellent condition.  

During your cleaning appointment, we may take a set of x-rays so that we can make sure your teeth are healthy and catch any cavities or problems early.

Dental cleanings, teeth cleanings, or prophylaxis; whatever you want to call it, just get in here and do it to maintain excellent oral health.  We aim to keep Rogers, AR and all of NWA in good oral health.  You just have to setup your dental appointment with us, here at ALL ABOUT SMILES, and we will do the rest. 


Request an appointment to see a dental hygienist at ALL ABOUT SMILES in Rogers, AR for a dental cleaning.